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NicheStaffing offers startups a wide array of strategic search solutions to choose from. Our market research indictes most clients find that many needs in their organization requires a unique and specific solution. It is not uncommon to work with a single client using different options, depending upon the criticality of the openings. Talk to one of our Recruiting Consultants and let them suggest a solution appropriate to your individual and specific needs. Our pricing structure for each option is listed below. If you prefer, we can also assist you in customizing a recruiting solution specific to your individual needs.

Because todays market is extremely volatile and competitive, time is the key factor. We offer additional savings for companies that have faster turn-around times. For example, the 25% fee schedule for our contingency search option, reflects time frames in excess of 60 days from the presentation of candidates, to a decision and offer extended. If your cycle time is between 31 - 60 days, the fee would be reduced to 20%. If your really serious and can move to hire within 30 days, the fee will be further reduced to 15% of the total estimated first years income.

The reasoning is quite simple. More candidates have to be recruited to replace those taken by your competitors due to a lenghty process. Our research indicates that an active first tier candidate, once they've entered into the job market, has an average of two offers within 30 days, and three within 45 days. All of this aside, it is just a matter of respect and courtesy not to leave someone hanging who is willing to take time out of their schedule to potentially help you solve your problems. This presents an obvious challenge to an organization who wants to be competitive and to search firms alike. NicheStaffing is up to it, are you?

Challenge us, we're ready!

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