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(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions - Candidates

1. Are all your fees paid for by the employers?   ↕

Yes, all of our services are paid by the employers. We never charge any candidate for placing them in a position.

2. What information do you share about me with employers?   ↕

We share only enough information to generate interest in you. Details such as Name, Contact Information or any personal information that has been told to us in confidence, is never shared with anyone until it has been cleared by you.

3. What types of positions do you recruit for?   ↕

We recruit for virtually all types of positions in the Data Storage and Networking markets. Some Examples would be: Product Architecture, Product Planning, Product Management, Product Marketing, Business Development, Strategic Planning, Sales Management, Marketing, Business Development, Performance Analysis, Software Development, Hardware Design, System Design, Firmware Development, Test and Integration, Advanced Development, etc.

4. Can I find contract and full-time positions through you?   ↕

Yes, depending on the job requirements from the employers we are currently working with.

5. How long does the entire placement process take?   ↕

From presentation of a candidate to offer extended, it usually takes about 4-6 weeks. Sometimes things come up that will extend this time frame like when someone involved in the process is out of town, etc.

6. What kind of companies do you work with?   ↕

They are all involved in either Data Storage, or Networking technology. Many of them are startups, but we also work with larger, more established organizations as well.

7. Why should I work with you instead of applying directly?   ↕

The main advantage of working with us over applying to the companies directly is that we are working with the hiring managers and HR. When you apply directly through a company website your resume gets entered into a database and most of the time, that's where it stays ..... buried.
We recently talked to two sales and marketing candidates who contacted us to help them on their job search. Both of them were very good, and both had applied directly to just about every company in the industry. One of the companies we work with was of great interest to both of them, but they had submitted their resumes through the company website about 3-4 months before and neither of them had heard anything since applying.
Once a resume as been submitted to a company directly, we can't work with that individual until after 6 months from the date the resume was originally received. We wanted to see just how effective the companies internal process was so we presented them to a long term contact within the company and explained the situation to him. We told him we knew we wouldn't be able to work with the candidates or get paid, we just wanted to see if anyone there had actually considered either of them.
Our contact presented them "thru a common friend in the industry". Two weeks later one of them was called in for an interview and was made an offer a week or so after that, the other one is in the interviewing process now and is expecting an offer shortly. This definitely demonstrates the effectiveness of "Applying Directly" The choice is yours.

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions - Employers

1. What types of professionals do you recruit for?   ↕

We specialize in recruiting Data Storage and Networking Technology Professionals from mid to senior level.

2. What distinguishes you from other technical search firms?   ↕

We're a niche oriented search firm that work with a select group of clients in the Data Storage and Networking industry. We have worked in Data Storage for the past 18+ years and Data Networking for over 25 years. We know both intimately. Many of our contacts were senior engineers or first line managers when we started and now they're Senior Architects, VP's, Presidents and CEO's
Although we function largely as a boutique, or niche firm, we embody the technical sophistication found in the largest search firms. Our approach is one of thoroughness, trust and truthful, direct communication with both clients and candidates. The same person will handle all aspects of your assignment and manage your account. Our success working with startups attests to our skills and resourcefulness.

3. What are your fees?   ↕

We offer a number of staffing solutions depending on the scope of the search. We will also individually tailor a solution specifically for you. Some of the packages we've used repeatedly are: The Retained Search, Engaged Search, Project Search and Contingency Search. The fees associated with each of these solutions differ. For a more detailed explanation, you can view their respective pages. Their links are on the menu to your right.

4. Will you provide references?   ↕

Yes. We will provide references to potential clients who are seriously considering engaging our services.

5. How do I list my company's search assignments?   ↕

You can engage our services by calling Michael Lewis at our Fort Collins, Colorado office at 970-308-5108 and providing us with a detailed verbal/written description of your requirements, or, e-mail us via our online form.

6. How long will it take you to fill my requirements?   ↕

This will vary with the difficulty of each individual search assignment. We can usually complete most searches in a timely manner which should coincide with your desired hire date.

7. Is NicheStaffing a contingency or retainer based search firm?   ↕

We provide several different options for search assignments. We primarily operate as an engaged, project and contingency based search firm but in critical situations we can also provide retained searches.
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